4 thoughts on “the road to nowhere: 2021 edition – part two: the Rockies

  1. Spectacular! So much beautiful water, both moving and still, tho I am especially fond of the gorges with waterfalls. Smoke was terrible here in Teton Valley for several months this summer–much longer than usual. What do you charge with your solar panels?


    1. I really love the gorges too; so amazing the way that water carves rock. Also being close to water seemed to help mitigate the smoke which often made hiking and even breathing difficult this summer, as I’m sure you also experienced. The solar set-up is new this year: 100W folding panel charges a 500W power bank. I mostly use it when I am camped for a few days in one spot to run my cheapo electric cooler as well as charge some electronic devices.


      1. I thought you might have some type of electric appliance for food! When we use our pop-up tent trailer, we have to rely on ice (block, when we can find it) in our cooler.


      2. Ice blocks are almost impossible to find anymore around here. One of the reasons why when i saw the cooler I have on sale a few years ago, I bought it. But it’s not ideal since it only lowers the inside temp by around 17 degrees (I think that’s around 30 fahrenheit), so not much use during really hot days like we had this summer. I’ve been researching proper travel fridges/coolers with compressors and thinking I might invest in one. They are much more efficient at keeping stuff cold and also use less power than the thermoelectric ones like I have. But also a lot more expensive. So using an old fashioned cooler with ice is still one of the best options out there 🙂


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