The Great Trans Canada Road Trip – Home

After 6 months on the road, I arrived home nearly two weeks ago [my stationary home here in the Kootenays as opposed to my movable home 🙂 ]. For the most part it was an incredible and wonderful journey of exploration, with over 21000 kilometers driven, and quite a few kilometers hiked. Vehicle problems made the last couple of weeks of travel rather stressful, so that I breathed a sigh of relief upon pulling into my driveway, but even those last two weeks still had their special moments.

My initial intention was to update this blog every week or two, but I found that spending time on the computer, trying to find adequate wifi connections and taking the time to edit, upload and caption pictures was interfering with my enjoyment of the journey (especially after spending a frustrating several hours early on uploading and then losing all my work to some technical glitch). I did however keep a daily written journal, as well as taking a lot of photos (way too many), and will make an attempt to post more about the trip over the course of this winter.

Since this post is about being home, I thought I would leave you with pics of a few of the amazing places that I called ‘home’ on this trip (most of them free camps).


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