Update from base camp

Yesterday was the first significant snowfall here at my new home on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. Even though most of it has melted, it serves as a reminder that winter is on its way. And also a reminder that an update is overdue. Mid-summer, after tying up my parents' affairs in Victoria (which … Continue reading Update from base camp

Photo Album: Winter hikes on Southern Vancouver Island

Mid-January I went camping out at my favorite spot by Jordan River. I only stayed one night though. A campfire kept me warm during the long evening, but it was pretty chilly in the morning. The rest of January I stuck to day hikes closer to home.   February brought snow to Victoria and I … Continue reading Photo Album: Winter hikes on Southern Vancouver Island

Another year.

Wow. Another year is coming to a close. A very few brown and withered leaves still cling to the fruit trees out back; with the next hard wind they will all be gone; the trails in my favourite local wild places are getting muddier and muddier; today a sheet of ice was covering a shallow … Continue reading Another year.